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All About us

Precious skin deserves miniOrganics – pure, natural, award-winning, certified organic skincare

It seems nowadays everyone makes natural and organic claims about their products. In most cases these are pretty meaningless. Greenwashing is everywhere. Often a few natural and organic ingredients are included alongside others that are anything but!

So how can you be sure you are choosing the very best for you and your family?

Your ONLY guarantee is to look for products that are certified to the highest international skincare standards, like miniOrganics

We believe it is not enough for a product to be made with a few safe ingredients. The entire product must be safe! That is what makes us different. Our Unique Authentic Organic Formulations are all naturally free from all genetically modified ingredients, pesticide residues, petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and nut oils.

Nothing but the finest award-winning, gentle, fully certified organic formulations SO pure, SO safe you need SO little to pamper the most precious skin.

So why miniOrganics? Simple! Our Children Deserve Nothing Less!