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Behind the brand

Sally Simond  is founder and CEO of miniOrganics.

With an impressive career in marketing, a passion for alternate therapies and organic, sustainable living,  and a long held belief in the issue of truth in labelling,  it seemed only natural that, with the birth of her two daughters, this Sydney born mum would turn her energies towards creating the best, safest, purest, most ethical products with which to care for young children.

Working closely with some of Australia’s finest natural formulating chemists and alternate health practitioners, Sally created the world’s first fully Certified Organic range of Skin Care developed specifically for babies and new mothers – a range that is  helping transform how our world views true organic skincare.

“Many brands make natural and often misleading organic claims.. she says “sure while they may include natural and organic ingredients, it is often alongside those that are anything but. Sadly, the terms natural and organic have, in many cases,  become nothing more than the latest consumer buzz words.

“With an unprecedented interest in a safer, cleaner and greener world it is no surprise that more and more parents are now demanding truly chemical-free alternatives to safeguard the health of their families. Children are at far greater risk of chemical exposure due to their fine delicate skin and immature little immune systems which struggle to break down toxins, as adults can.

“I believe our children are our most precious resource and we owe it to them to provide a clean safe world in which to grow.

This is why we created miniOrganics. Our children simply deserve nothing less”

This busy mum makes no apologies for her company’s uncompromising approach to quality.   “We strive at every turn to deliver the best product possible, be that in our formulations, packaging, advertising, marketing and promotion.

“As a mum, I am driven by the desire to provide the very best for my children.  As a marketer, I am driven to deliver consumers exceptional, ethical products of the highest standards.

Sally has created an internationally award winning brand for our children and is committed to doing her part to make the world a cleaner safer place for generations to come.

For over ten years Sally forged an impressive career in marketing, receiving international recognition for her efforts specifically in the area of children’s marketing. Over recent years she has turned her attention to skincare formulation and, with miniOrganics, believes she has created a Gold-Standard in infant and new mother skincare.  International markets obviously agree.  Having  raised the bar in an industry rife with misleading claims and green-washing,

Sally is now firmly committed to educating consumers in the recognition and benefits of true organic products,.

“We do not inherit the earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.” –Native American proverb.

miniOrganics is a registered trademark of miniOrganics Skincare Limited