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The difference between Natural, Organic and Certified Organic

Many products make natural and organic claims, but in reality very few reach the high standards necessary for organic certification.

In most countries at present there are no laws to restrict the use of the words natural and organic on personal care products,  meaning that anyone can call his or her product “natural and organic” without legal consequence.


The Industry’s definition of ‘natural’ is any ingredient derived from a natural substance but we know that just because something is natural in origin does not necessarily mean it is good for us. Some natural substances even require the use of synthetic chemicals to extract the ingredient for use.


Similarly the cosmetic industry defines “Organic” as anything containing carbon.  As Carbon is found in anything that ever lived, you could argue that crude oil is organic – so too the toxic petrochemical preservative “methyl paraben”.

This is why organic certification is so important.  It helps to cut through the confusion and provide assurance that what we are buying is a truly pure, authentic, natural, chemical free product.

Some brands will claim to be Certified Organic but on closer inspection you may find only a portion of their range will carry certification – the balance rich in natural and organic ingredients.

What sets miniOrganics apart from other brands is that each and every product in our range will always the highest percentage of Certified Organic Ingredients possible.