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It seems there is a new trend emerging in the beauty industry. Just ask Sally Simond, CEO and Founder of miniOrganics, the beautifully presented luxury certified organic skincare line with its twenty-something international awards for excellence, celebrity and beauty media following.

Although originally formulated for new moms and their young families, it is fast becoming apparent the Brand’s appeal extends way beyond the discerning mother wanting to provide the best for herself and her baby.

miniOrganics’ impressive list of unsolicited celebrity endorsements is certainly testament to this. Their Nourishing Body Oil took No 1 spot on Rachel Zoe’s Spring List of “Eco–Must Haves”, their Superfine Jojoba has been declared a true “Hero Product” by North American Beauty Editors and ELLE Canada recently named their Enriched Moisturizer one of the top 5 natural moisturizers on the market. Comments from Alicia Silverstone such as “I love their Infant Moisturizer so much I use it on myself to the latest from Gwyneth Paltrow proclaiming that (apart from being a god-send for nursing mothers) miniOrganics Soothing Nipple Balm is one of the “Best Lip Balms ever!” all make it clear the appeal of this luxury line is far broader than originally thought.

“To have been featured front and centre on Gwnyeth Paltrow’s beautifully curated site ‘goop’ again in this past week is such an honour” says Sally “and proof positive of what we have suspected for some time now – that some of our biggest fans are not necessarily even new mums at all!

Not only are we seeing lightening fast growth in interest in our luxury organic line from mothers, but a huge spike from a fast growing secondary market of eco-aware consumers seeking out simple yet luxurious certified organic alternatives to many of the often chemical-laden products in their personal care regime.

There is a perception, and rightly so” she says “that pure and gentle organic products formulated for the most delicate newborn skin are also ideal for any one with sensitive skin issues like eczema or those seeking to reduce exposure to the over 126 toxic chemicals we may encounter in personal care products in any given day.”

However, Simond, an advocate for truth-in-labelling, is quick to point out that with lax labelling laws the world over, brands can make broad, misleading natural and organic claims with little consequence, often including not-so-safe ingredients that would NEVER pass the rigours of certification. Sadly it appears the onus is on consumers to determine what is and is not safe – seeking out independently certified organic brands is their only guarantee.

“That said, we have a very diligent primary market. Believe me – there is no-one more ingredient savvy or adept at deciphering labels than a concerned yummy mummy!”

As for the recent trend that sees some of her products appearing in the makeup bags of some of the best beauty editors and A-list celebrities – she smiles.. “It is immensely flattering and a huge vote of confidence.”

Much has been made of the incredible growth potential of our category in coming years and when luxury beauty retailers suggest that my brand is the very best vehicle to enter this new and lucrative segment, I know I am doing something right!”

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