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What is a Certified Organic Product

Put quite simply a certified organic product is one in which every ingredient must be grown, processed, produced and stored without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemicals.

This means they are free from all genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, sulphates and parabens.

The production process is strictly audited by an independent third party such as the USDA,  to ensure the products conform to the most stringent of international standards

When an a product is certified organic you can be guaranteed  the organic integrity of each and every ingredient and the product as a whole.

Without certification an organic claim can be pretty meaningless.

Our organic certification is what sets miniOrganics apart from most other brands.  It is our guarantee of quality, purity and safety.

Note:  You may notice that our organic percentages vary from product to product. This is because some ingredients such as salt and water are excluded from the calculation of organic percentages by all certifying bodies.  It is extremely rare for anything to be 100% certified organic. At miniOrganics we pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible organic content in every one of our gentle and yet effective products.